Since a great deal of my design work has been in the design-heavy field of roleplaying games, I've thrown together a writing sample in the Neverwinter Nights game.

The Strange Encounter with the Professor

This requires both Neverwinter Expansions and, as of June 06, the latest patches and content updates.  Once you have them, you are free to enjoy the game.  It is basically foolproof for all levels and classes.  It's more of an adventure game using the engine since the point of the exercise was to showcase my writing.


This also requires both of the Neverwinter Nights expansions. It was made recently as an overall sample, showing off scripting. There is some writing in there naturally to move along the story. You should play this mod with at least a level 5 character.

Cinematic Samples

Recently, I played around with the cinematics system in NeverWinter Nights, creating a set of three scenes as an example of my cinematic scripting abilities. Further examples can be seen in the Cinematics section of this portfolio.

StarCraft:Frontline Vol. 1

StarCraft:Frontline Vol. 3

In addition to game writing, I've done some work as a traditional writer. You can find some of my work in the StarCraft:Frontline vols 1 &3 mangas from TokyoPop, the stories "Weapon of War" and "War-Torn" respectively.

Dudley Charles and the Deadly Con

I also have some traditional screenplays. "Dudley Charles and the Deadly Con"is a romantic comedy adventure set at WonderCon in San Francisco. It's sort of a modern update of The Thin Man set against the backdrop of the rise of the comic book movie franchise.




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