Dave Shramek

(512) 947-6853

3609 B North Hills Dr, Austin, TX 78731




  • Seven years of experience as a game designer with experience in all areas, including creating and maintaining game design documents, level creation, level population, mission scripting, enemy AI scripting, cinematic scripting.
  • Writer for the StarCraft: Frontline manga anthologies.
  • Three shipped titles, including one of the highest rated movie tie-in games released for the Nintendo DS
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Experienced in working with licensed titles such as StarCraft, Lord of the Rings, and The Incredible Hulk.
  • Excels at learning and mastering design tools, especially level editors
  • Proficient with SCRUM and agile development methodologies
  • Encyclopedic knowledge of pop and geek culture.


BA in Radio, Television and Film (emphasis on screenwriting and film production), 2000
University of Texas at Austin, College of Communications

Work  Experience

Fizz Factor – Level Designer, Lead Designer (May 2008 – Present)

Land of the Lost DS (2.5 D sidescrolling platformer/brawler) – Lead Designer

  • Created a Game Design Document and preliminary designs for the game based on the upcoming movie
  • Coordinated with art and programming leads to create the first playable and prototyping phases.

The Tale of Despereaux DS (2.5 D sidescrolling platformer/adventure) – Level Designer

  • Level conception and level geometry creation.
  • Created levels first in Adobe Illustrator and then in Maya.
  • Populated levels using  a proprietary level editor
  • Created and scripted puzzles, events and boss encounters.

Amaze Entertainment – Level Designer (December 2006 – May 2008)

Incredible Hulk DS (sidescrolling platformer/ brawler)

  • Scripted enemy AIs and boss behaviors in Lua.

Legend of Spyro DS (3D platformer/brawler)

  • Created level collision for a fully 3D Spyro game in Maya.
  • Populated enemies, pick-ups, etc. using a proprietary editor
  • Scripted special  cut scenes and events based on puzzle solutions in game.

Gizmondo Studios TX – Designer (November 2004 – January 2006)

Hit & Myth (3D overhead shooter – completed, but unreleased )

  • Population and polish of levels in an overhead, Robotron-style shooter

Johnny Whatever (3D action adventure game – unreleased)

  • Population, puzzle and mission scripting
  • Cinematic scripting for in-game cinematics and music sequences.

Warthog Texas – Designer (February 2003 – November 2004)

Conquest: Frontier Wars 2 (RTS – unreleased)

  • Designed new units, including a new playable faction for use in the sequel to the PC game
  • Crafted a story to carry the player through all the campaigns of all four factions.

Shadows of Mordor (PC RPG – unreleased)

  • Created the combat and character leveling system consistent with the Lord of the Rings license.
  • Scripted encounters and missions using Python
  • Created levels using a proprietary level editing tool
  • Wrote and maintained game design documentation
  • Created fiction to fit the events of the RPG within the overall scope of the Lord of the Rings trilogy

Feverpitch Studios – Designer (April 2002 – February 2003)

War of the Ring (RTS – unreleased)

  • Created technology trees and units for an RTS based on the Lord of the Rings books
  • Created and maintained a game design documentation


  • Fully proficient in the Microsoft Office Suite, Maya, Photoshop, Visio and Illustrator.
  • Versed in the scripting languages Python and Lua
  • Familiar with Unreal and Hammer editors as well as a host of proprietary level editing tools



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